Monday, September 7, 2015

Meow, meow, meow…

…hmmm…the new Moto 360 design SURE looks familiar. What say you readers?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Samsung Gear S2…another Pi Copycat?

What do you think readers, is the Samsung Gear S2 another Pi copycat? Since the release of the Sensorstream Pi smart watch circular display case several years ago several companies now are using the design without permission. Here's the design patent:

 Sensorstream Pi Circular Smart Watch Patent
Circular Display Smart Watch Patent USD713269 S1

Obviously the most daunting challenge for a small inventor who invents the next big thing is even attempting to enforce his own patent! I mean if Apple couldn't get Samsung to pay up and stop copying them, despite millions of dollars in legal fees and multiple jury victories, how in the world is a small entrepreneur going to fight these guys? Is this going to be yet another case of a giant monopoly steam-rolling an inventor? 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fitbit Got It Right

I hate to admit it, considering I own the patent to the first circular buttonless smart watch case (D713269), but Fitbit got it right.

The future of wrist wearables is here and it has the following traits: long battery life, valid utility, and connection to a broader ecosystem.

The Apple Watch's short battery life and lack of modularity are "killer apps"--in the sense that these "applications" are going to kill the utility of the device. This isn't to say they won't come out with a better 2.0 version (they will), but for now the ball is in Fitbit's court.


Long battery life is essential, regardless of recharging ability wearers don't want to be tethered to the power grid every day.

Fitbit's valid utility and connection to a broader ecosystem are almost one-in-the-same, as well they should be; a healthy approach that monitors and improves the wearer's health by focusing on exercise, diet, sleep. Perfection.

And it also tells time. Marvelous.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gold Nugget Hourglass

The Ultimate Smart Watch!

Cocobolo Wood  ~  Hand Blown Glass  ~  Gold Nuggets

Gold Nugget Hourglass

Gold Nugget Hourglass

Gold Nugget Hourglass

Gold Nugget Hourglass

Gold Nugget Hourglass

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple Watch

~1.5782 Troy Ounces of Gold for …$15,000? Nice 800% Mark-up!

Apple might even have Rolex beat with their mark-up of gold; the 42 mm yellow gold case (18K) contains approximately 1.5782 Troy Ounces of gold (worth $1885 at today's spot price.)

Rough numbers, that is an 800% mark-up. Wow.

Monday, April 6, 2015

From the Archives…December 2012

Well loyal readers, this is what was proposed several years ago. A modular smart watch integrated into a robust ecosystem. Much of the above has now reached fruition with the Apple Watch launch scheduled for 4/24/15. Mobile Pay? Check. Games? Check. GPS? Check. VoiceBurst? Not yet. Modularity? Not yet. Circular Touchscreen? Not yet.

We're getting there…but the initial Apple Watch launch will undoubtedly be a wild success…they have the finical resources and user base pre-installed. The question remains of how they plan on repairing these watches, especially for active use individuals who plan on using these watches on the tough streets of NYC, SFO, and at the swimming pool or hiking?

The other MAJOR concern is the battery life (or lack thereof) which needs to be significantly improved. With multi-billion dollars at their disposal this should have been addressed already.

Stay tuned, the disruption of the watch industry is upon us.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple Watch…And So It Begins

Barring its limited battery life, square design, and lack of modularity I LOVE THE APPLE WATCH! What??? But Tom, don't you champion long-lasting (i.e. infinite) battery life, a circular design, and modularity? YES!!! But….Apple Watch is a good start and basically is the first true "smart watch" in terms of its utility.

First, the cons:

1) An 18 hour batter life is lame; a watch should NEVER run out of power (or if it does a user should easily be able to hold to the sun, wind, or shake to recharge.) 

2) A square design is square. Circular, a al Sensorstream Pi, is more visually appealing and also provides for both a better ergonomic fit and larger relative display area.

3) Lack of modularity. This is a big one. So basically Apple has so constricted the consumer that yet another cottage industry of Apple Watch repair is going to spring up. A watch isn't a phone; consumers want customized, personalized, interchangeable, unique, and repairable wearable systems.

The good:

1) Initial functionality looks great; lots of apps for watch face, health, fitness, etc.

2) Material selection; home run on having a variety of price points from entry level all the way up to 18K gold. The international market is going to eat up those gold watches like nobody's business. Societal stratification? Yes, but having a gold case is a core enabling factor in portable wealth (see previous blog posts about the importance to emerging countries of having a gold watch case.)

3) Marketing; fantastic approach launch presenting functionality in the classic sublime Apple-ality. No doubt the Microsoft "RistWatch" is currently under development.

4) Apple Pay; True mobile pay like consumers have always wanted. Tap-and-go. Perfect! And to think, Mastercard, Visa, and Amex PAY Apple to use THEIR financial networks!!! Hahaha, what a coup!

5) Ecosystem; Arguably direct linkage to the best digital ecosystem rather than just a piggyback approach.